Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sexual Undercurrents

I was watching a Cougar Town repeat for, oh...the 5th time, and it made me think about something. A storyline revolved around Jules (Courtney Cox) trying to prove that men and women can be friends without there being any underlying sexual tension. Basically, the point was, no, they can't. (not that they ever act on those sub-sexy feelings. They just linger. Argument in support of this notion: who wants unappealing friends anyways?!)

My pondering: is the same true of gay friendships? I would argue, yep. Not gonna lie, I've had friends who, if circumstances were different, I'd totally bone them. Really, what's wrong about that? The best sexytimes is always with someone you feel close to anyways!

The fact that I have had both wine and beer tonight probably isn't helping the thinking process any. Mmmm, sexy friends.


  1. Well, it's obvious there's always been a special something between us... ;)