Monday, April 12, 2010

My First Award!, what is it??

Awwww, my blog won a totally prestigious and entirely legit award :D
Mucho love and thanks to Debriefed- Marie at One End for thinking of little ole me and feeling like I'm worthy of this.
So according to the Roolz I have to
1. Brag About The Award. WOOOOOO! I am the awesomez. check
2. Include the name of the blogger and a link back to their blog. See above.
3. Choose a selection of blogs you find brilliant in honest content. Could prove difficult considering I don't follow any other than Marie!
4. Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with this award. Again, could be tough!
5.List at least 10 honest things about yourself. Talk about me? That's unpossible!
Well, howz about I start with 10 Things About Moi?
1. I spent my whole life trying to fend off the 'nerd' distinction, and now it's become my badge of honour
2. If you sit me down in front of the tv with The Shopping Channel on, I will completely zone out for as long as it takes for you to turn the tv back off.
3. I feel actual anxiety as to what will become of me when "Lost" goes off the air. *breathe...*
4. I want to live in Australia, but I'm worried that when the world floods it will be one of the first places to be washed away.
5. I have never been to Disneyland...and I doubt I ever want to.
6. I used to be absolutely convinced that I would never live past 30...and then I found out that the world is set to 'end' in 2012, aka the year I turn 30. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!
7. I love my friends more than cucumber sandwiches, but there are things I know/think/feel that I will likely never share with them. Hi, trust issues. How ya doin?
8. Call me as gay as a rainbow coloured unicorn in san francisco, but I will likely buy the next Paris Hilton cd (if she ever releases one)
9. It is my dream to move to a cozy house in the semi-country with my cats and dogs (and maybe my sig oth) and do nothing but sit on the porch, drinking beer and shaking my shotgun at the young'uns who walk past my property
10. Far too often, I do not finish what I st...
And considering that anyone who follows this only found me because of Marie, I feel like y'all are gonna do that anyways.
But, if some rando has managed to find me here (hey Rando! How ya doing?), do check out Nothing brings me more pleasure than reading Marie's blog and finding out there are people weirder than me. (love!) But seriously, her blogs are always witty, entertaining, and true to who she is. Ch-ch-check her out!

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