Monday, January 4, 2010

Thoughts on Various Canadian Actors

Ryan Gosling- hot, but too self-important

Rachel McAdams- love her, please avoid crap movies (see: Time Travellers Wife)

Ryan Reynolds- big fan since "Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place", can do no wrong in my books (I refer to his skills as an actor, and not that he's a fine piece of mancake)

Mike Myers- gets the "Oh Yeah, Him!" award for fading into obscurity but appears in movies as a surprise cameo (See: Inglorious Basterds)

Sarah Polley- bland, but well meaning. I still wait for anything that shows her star power as much as Dawn of the Dead did.

Sandra Oh- will always love her, despite the fact that I have seen very little with her in it

Jim Carrey- irritates me as often as he impresses me so call it a scratch and hope he makes a good movie soon

Brendan Fraser- see Mike Myers

Hayden Christensen- irritates the snot out of me. Has he ever been good in something?

Joshua Jackson- will always be Pacey, but he's working on erasing that. I don't not like him.

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