Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Guilty, Shameful, Inexplicable Pleasure

So there's this blog that I, for ungodly reason, love the peruse:

Let me be clear: this is some NSFW shit. I'm mighty mighty gay and a lot of this I'm like "YIKES!". If you click and browse you do so under fair warning. (now you just knooooooow you wanna check it out)

Fun fact: it's the guy better known as Manicorn, David Mason. So...hot... See: http://www.exterface.com/unicorn/

Basically he's this sex crazed, over-muscled, fetish-tastic homo who posts random comments on life interspersed with some raunchy as hell posts. Let me be clearer: I am not into fetish. I'm not into whacked out kink. I'm not some oversexed muscle mary (like he is). There should really be very little that draws me into his blog.

But then he'll go and post something as hysterically funny as this:

...and I'm like, yep, there it is. Never before have I seen so much love for Grace Jones, Samantha Fox, Liza Minelli, Cher, and everything kitschy gay.

Most of my reactions to the blog are "eek!" and "oh no, more penis!" but then every now and then I find myself laughing like a hyena at what he's now proclaiming to be another Creature Fiercer Than You., and it's some crazy praying mantis that pretends to be an orchid and then *NOM!* eats the bug. Or he'll make a post about having CRAZY sex with some random guy (eek) which afterwards makes him want to sit around all day and eat boxes of Froot Loops (HAA!).

If you can wade through the raunch and the weirdness, you will find a surprisingly hilarious blog, and that's good enough for me. You might have the sudden impulse to minimize your browser whenever you hear someone coming, for fear that they see you and throw you some mad shade (also, the blog will increase your gay vocabulary by at least 32%) but ignore it. They may get a laugh too.

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